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contact me on discord: ayew#9315
or on irc: irc.rizon.net, #No-Problem!
my releases: No-Problem! [np!] or [np]
plex server stats(07/11/2018): 250 tv anime, 90 anime movies,30 TV, 468 movies.
soulseek: aew3
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audio setup
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random bandcamp tracks and albums

file hosts

dmca.gripe supports up to 5120mb files, permanent up time
nofile.io supports up to 10gb uploads and video streaming of any video upload nonpermanant up time.
mixtape.moe supports files up to 100mb including in browser stream and allows for direct mic reocrdings on webpage. Also has a pastebin
Mega! the old faithful. 50GB of free cloud storage that can be used to store and share files of any size permently

ayew's archives

book stuff ftp dump [torrent]
FileBot 4.7.7 (x64)[zip]


unanimated's guides

typesetting | timing

the whole tutorial board on AB

ill put my plex setup guide here at some point, once i format it to html.