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how to use plex with anime

Use HAMA agent with ASS scanner for serialised/Plex Video Files Scanner for movies (seperate library). Setup is kinda shitty (ie. not optimised for the average user), creator doesn't provide very good instructions either, so I wrote some out below:
  • Download the zip file and unzip to %LOCALAPPDATA%\Plex Media Server\Plug-ins. Remove the -master from the folder name.
  • Donwload this and unzip, and copy the contents of the unzipped folder to %LOCALAPPDATA%\Plex Media Server\Plug-In Support/Data/com.plexapp.agents.hama/DataItems. Create locale if needed.
  • Copy this text to this file location: %LOCALAPPDATA%\Plex Media Server\Scanners\Series\Absolute Series Scanner.py. You will need to create this file (and file path). Just create a .txt file and change the extention to .py.
  • Restart plex.
  • Create Anime (TV) library using 'HAMA TV' agent and Abosulte Series Scanner. Create Anime (Movies) library using 'HAMA Movie' agent and Plex Video Files Scanner (or Plex Movie. Not sure which one works best tbh). Customise settings to your fancy.

    Other metadata agents for anime include: AMSA and MALA .

    I use MALA (which uses MAL to pull metadata) as a secondary agent for my movies library as AniDB fucks up with some movies (either it has trouble finding them or it lumps a number of films in a single series into one entry (e.g. Kizumonogatari)

  • web fiction to read (the really good shit):

    Worm, the OG. Most popular web serial of all time for a reason. Superpowers, if superpowers were only given to people with extreme trauma (and also spoilers)
    A Practical Guide to Evil. My favourite, although the prose can fall a little flat. Imagine if TVTropes was a literal force in a traditional fantasy world where the main character is a super ("evil") pragmatic badass (and also an idiot sometimes)
    Worm Fanfiction on Spacebattles. Worm Fanfic is the only fanfic fandom where the fanfic is consitently high quality and often unique and intersting, and spacebattles is where 90% of it is posted. Worm provides an excellent sandbox of infinite possible and lends itself to a good xover. Also, the sheer amount of long fics on here...what other community has fics that are 752863 words...
    The Gods Are Bastards. Suffers from quality inconsistency, and a tendency for long drawn out side arcs that go on for a bit too long (although, to a lesser degree, most web content suffers from similar flaws due there being less oversight for the overall work and a lack of editing once each chapter is done. But TGaB has its moments, and they are extraordinary when they happen