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I know. I know the bystanders I see. I see the tasteless truth

discord: ayew#9315
or this server
goodreads (inactive)
my anime list

uplay: ay3w
origin: aew3
battlenet: aew#1638
guild wars 2: aew.6783

audio technica lp60 turntable
edifer r1700bt active bookshelf speakers
iems: shure se215, massdrop x nufroce edc, sol republic realys sport wireless
sony mdr-7506 studio monitors
audio technica at2020 usb mic

cpu:i7 4790
cooler: coolermaster tx3
mobo: ASRock H97M Pro4
gpu: (xfx rs) amd rx 480 4gb
ram: 16gb ddr3-1600
psu: corsair hx650w
storage: 120ssd / 1tb / 1tb / 500gb / 3tb

keyboard: corsair strafe mx brown/durgod taurus k32 cherry mx blue/some aftermarket keycaps
mouse: steelseries sensei raw
headset: hyperx cloud revolver
mousepad: noname desk size mousepad with ikea drawer lining as underlay
monitors: aoc g2460pf 24" 144hz 1920x1080 / philips 19" 1920x1080 60hz
$100%pro gaming chair: ikea markus grey

discrete devices
raspberry pi zero
asus ux360u ultrabook
lg g6 (64gb, with DAC)
canon 500d dslr (old af, not even video capable)
canon powershot g7x compact

i have invites to IPT, pm on disc to discuss getting one
want: bakaBT, apollo, redacted(yes, i know its interview, but until Soulseek fails me i can't be bothered)

maton M225 acoustic
yamaha pacifica pac012 electric
vox pathfinder 10 amp

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